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Not Getting What You Want

Remember that not always getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. – Dalai Lama My First Job When I graduated from undergrad with a degree in business … Continue reading

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100 Days At A Startup

You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of shore. – Admiral Rickover As I was gearing up to graduate from business school, one of … Continue reading

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When The Market Crashed in 2008…

The Financial Crash September 15, 2008 was the day Lehman Brothers went bankrupt – the day shit hit the fan.  It’s hard to remember back but a few months before that point, investment bankers, … Continue reading

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Why Influence Matters Online

This was a guest blog post I originally wrote for Flite. Think about every decision you’ve ever made: where to eat for dinner, what type of skis to buy, what movie to watch, … Continue reading

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Ordering Online: My Favorite Places to Shop

This holiday season, it’s hard not to buy something online.  The convenience, ease, and lower prices online are a great combo.  I managed to buy a PS3 with no tax, … Continue reading

December 22, 2011 · 2 Comments

Coming Back to Life: Foursquare and Instagram

I usually download all the new apps that my friends tell me about, get highlighted on TC or VentureBeat, and usually the top apps in the App store (I’m basically … Continue reading

November 17, 2011 · 1 Comment

How to Find a Job at a Startup that You Want

Quick update: this was posted on the Stanford blog… When I graduated from business school, I didn’t have a job.  Rather than go the “traditional” route that most bschool students … Continue reading

November 16, 2011 · 4 Comments

How to Tell Your Story for Impact

I took JD’s class at Stanford and he has great practical tips about how to tell a story.  The tips below are too good not to share.  I find these … Continue reading

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My Experience: Tips For Applying to Business School

I recently graduated from business school and the most common questions I receive are: What are you doing next? Was business school a big party? Can you help me / … Continue reading

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Founders Cashing out Early Causes Problems with Company and Culture

With a lot of fundraising activity going on the the valley these days, founders of successful startups are finding themselves oversubscribed with VCs trying to give them their money.  Founders … Continue reading

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How To Become a Successful Leader Through Communication

I was fortunate enough to take a seminar with David Demarest who was the communications director for President George H. W. Bush and member of the White House senior staff.  David … Continue reading

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Startup Healthcare: Paying For Your Own Health Insurance

My healthcare benefits expired when I graduated from school.  I had a grace period of about 2 months where the University still had me covered for emergencies (which was fine … Continue reading

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A Framework To Think About Freemium

I spent some time as helping the company launch it’s new product, Chatter in the summer of 2010. While launching the product, we had multiple discussions about the freemium … Continue reading

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Zynga: A Rocket Ship to Success Through Product-Market Fit

It’s never the first company to market that wins; it’s the first company to product-market fit.  This was evident through Zynga’s success versus other gaming companies.  All startups inevitably go … Continue reading

August 30, 2011 · 2 Comments

How Motivated Enterprise Employees to Adopt Consumer Technology

Below is a paper I wrote about’s adoption of consumer technology vis-a-via Chatter.  I wrote this for a class I was taking with Chip Heath while at the GSB. … Continue reading

August 30, 2011 · 1 Comment

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